Friday, January 05, 2007

Don "Idiotarian" Shelby

In The Know, a WCCO spot on the nightly newscast in Minneapolis, is an on-air OpEd by the long time anchor (and I mean anchor), Don Shelby.

In his latest public display of cretinism--thinly veiled by multilateral, internationalist apologist agitprop--he wonders why the two Buddhists serving in Congress-and the Jews in that body-do not receive the level of scrutiny and disapproval that the newly elected Muslim Congresscritter from Minnesota did for using a Koran to take his oath today.

Hmmmm....gee, Don, maybe because the Buddhists, Jews, and Catholics haven't shot, stabbed, beheaded, blown up, kidnapped, or otherwise harmed our citizens and brothers-in-arms?

As many others have more eloquently opined, where is the great hue and cry from the worldwide Muslim community denouncing the barbaric acts of war and atrocities committed by their bretheren? Could that have something to do with the indignation and suspicion that many people harbor regarding practioners of the Islamic faith? Their deafening silence is easily construed as tacit approval.

How about the laws of Saudi Arabia? Could evidence of other muslim lawmakers be giving people pause? Which muslims you ask? You know, Don, those wacky Wahabis that stone adulterous women, execute homosexuals, and chop the hands off of common thieves? How is it possible that they get away with it? Why, because they are an Islamic Republic! Now we're one Congresscritter closer to the Minneapple looking like Tehran. Next thing you know Loni Anderson will have to wear a bourka!

And who, exactly is it that is disapproving of the US abroad? France? Russia? We now know that they were both violating United Nations sanctions by doing illegal business with Iraq and lost lots of ducats as a result of the invasion. That may have something to do with their long faces.

Even now, Iran has oil deals with Russia and China that will likely preclude serious and meaningful sanctions aimed at Persian activities from passing the UN Security Council. How about our disapproval of them?

You think we should be more like the French in our treatment of muslims? Looks at what has been occuring in Paris for the last year--an average of 112 cars burned every day. Now that's what I call multiculturalism! Of course the Greens will probably be unhappy with the environmental impact of the burning autos, but, hey, can't please everybody and those saucy environmentalists are not likely to chop off your head for ridiculing them and their beliefs. Wonder what they'd do if I published a cartoon of John Muir running a modern logging machine? Perish the thought!

How about Poland, Romanian, Australia? They have backed us all along and continue to send troops to help in Iraq. They approve whole-heartedly about what we're doing and they continue to help us in obvious and public ways. They are what we call friends. Not really too concerned about what those other non-friends (enemies is too strong a word for now) are saying. I say we pull all of military bases out of Germany, Italy, and any other country that hasn't backed us whole-heartedly and relocate them to Romania, Poland, and Bulgaria. (We are, in fact, doing some of that as we speak, er, write.) Those countries will welcome the economic boom that accompanies US military basing and our other NATO allies will be ecstatic to get their land back, right?

Most of all, why isn't a journalist ferreting out facts to inform the public instead of propagandizing to support a particular viewpoint? "In the Know" should be more properly called "In the No"...No clue, no facts, no more!