Saturday, October 02, 2004

New Iranian Revolution

First Iraq, now Iran.

If we can facilitate the fall of the theocratic regime in Iran we can wipe
out national funding and intel support of Hezbollah, eliminate another
terrorist safe haven, and largely eliminate the Islamic fundamentalists'
powerbase in the Middle East.

Can anybody tell me why the MSM (Main Stream Media) isn't reporting this?

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JONAH GOLDBERG says we need to be paying more attention to Iran. He's right.
Tehran, the nation's capital, as well as several other cities have been
wracked in recent days with widespread anti-government protests and violent crackdowns by government forces. Buildings have been set ablaze, and exiles are calling for revolution. According to reports on, a Web
site dedicated to freeing Iran from the oppressive rule of the mullahs, numerous protestors have been killed. Ledeen - who has many sources inside Iran and out - reports that the roundups and executions of young men have
picked up at a terrific pace. Iran has staged 120 public hangings since March alone, according to the government's own news agency.
The unpopularity of the mullahs, primarily with the younger, Western-oriented generation, is causing panic inside the regime. The appeal of revolutionary theocracy has been bled dry. The Christian Science Monitor reported - some would say "reluctantly reported" - that discontent with the regime and a desire for "change" according to various "polls" equals 90 percent. And we all remember those famous soccer games where Iranian fans
chanted "USA! USA!"
Even if this weren't such a powerful human interest story, it would still be appalling how completely the mainstream media have downplayed what could be one of the most important news stories of our lives. If Iran were to throw off the shackles of the mullahocracy in favor of anything like a sane, decent and democratic regime, it would be the most significant advance for freedom and decency since the fall of the Berlin Wall. It would be a national security victory of staggering proportions.
I wonder why it's not getting more attention? posted at 04:41 PM by Glenn Reynolds

MLB in Wash DC

There have been a number of articles, posts, and proclamations that suggest names for the 'new' MLB team coming to the District. Since the team is presently the Montreal Expos--of international origin--why not call the team the United Nations of Washington? Will there be a need for bilingual street signs in D.C. to accomodate the players coming from Quebec? Will the seventh inning stretch feature a performance by Cirque de Soleil? Can we expect the team to enjoy support from the French Ambassador?

Stay tuned.