Monday, October 17, 2005

Once again, with feeling...

In TCS: Tech Central Station - Over-Humanizing the Enemy Dr. Helen Smith (AKA the Insta-wife) addresses the perils involved in approaching our enemies with empathy and compassion.

Indeed, as a forensic psychologist, Dr. Smith has found that father-rapers and child-killers of the most violent sort only respond (positively) to a show of strength--coddling them and caving in to their demands only makes the ultimate consequences deadly.

This article first appeared over a year and a half ago. It's time to refresh our memories.

Woo-hoo Two!!

Apple - iMac G5 is here!! iSight camera built into frame, thinner overall, faster processor, new software (Front Row!!)!


Go, drool, buy.


Apple - iPodis here!!! The video iPod is here!! The video iPod is here!!
Did I mention that the video iPod is here!!

Why are you still here? Go...LOOK!...drool...

Still livin' in the Ukraine

Sound Politics: October 2005 Archives suggests that the corrupt election officials are still at it. They're not releasing logs that may show that computer records for the coup, ahem, election were altered after the fact.

Well, the First Amendment hasn't done the job so far...what's the next amendment again?