Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hanlin's New eBook has the poop on the new Hanlin eBook Model V2. An alternative to the Sony LIBRIe, the eBook doesn't appear to incorporate DRM.

Now how far through War and Peace can you get before the power runs out?

Of Mice and Men...Mutants, that is...

Wired has an article about the incredible ability of some altered mice to regenerate damaged tissue.

These mice have regenerated amputated digits, damaged heart, liver, and brain tissue and have even passed this newly acquired ability on to their offspring!!

Even more amazing, when researchers injected normal mice with cells from the mutant regenerators the normal mice gained the ability to regenerate!!

Looks like these mice are the first live version of the Marvel X-Men's Wolverine. Look out, Kitty...

Microsoft subs "Blogcast" for "Podcast"

(Via The Cult of Mac Blog)

Pretty much closing the barn after the horses have fled, Microsoft employees avoid using "Podcast" and sub the term "blogcast". (This is attributed to the Seattle Post-Intelligence also known as the Seattle PI...of course, here in the Pac NW many consider that to represent Probably Incorrect.)

Now, call me kooky, but it's called a podcast because you send the content to an iPod. As in broadcast, where you cast the content broadly. Notice the content itself isn't addressed, just the destination of transmission.

"Blogcast" suggests the type of content (one doesn't send the content typical of a podcast to a blog, after all) rather than the destination.

More importantly, how do they expect me to watch a blogcast on my iPod shuffle?

Besides, how does Microsoft think all the window manufacturers felt after they came out with Windows waaaaay back when? Did Andersen and Pella shift their product marketing from "windows" to "Planely Transparent"? Nope.

Strangely, I can't find any official Microsoft podcasts on the iTunes podcasting site. Mebbe there's something in their Communist-Dictatorship-Friendly blog portal...

Pigoen Poo Pegs Poor Parisian Powerbook!

A Parisian Powerbook pegged by pigeon poo in the Jardin Du Luxembourg.