Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Coke VS. Pepsi

OK. For a while now I've noticed what appears to be a deeper division than Red VS Blue. Actually, it may just be the same philosophical collision writ large on a commercial scale.

I've noticed that there is a correllation between major commercial brand names and the political philosophy of their respective consumers. Furthermore, those that lean to the Left prefer brands with five (5) letters in the name, while Right leaning counterparts seem to prefer competing brands that have four (4) letters in their names. (An interesting aside is that Left has four letters and Right has five, but that's just to balance the Karma.)

For example, I present the following for your amusement and enlightenment:

Ford VS Chevy (Short for Chevrolet, I know...sounds French.)
Coke VS Pepsi
Colt VS Glock (Glock, USA, not the Austrian home company.)
Dell VS Apple (OK, I'm writing this on an iBook, but I'm an independent Libertarian.)
Jack (Mr. Daniels) VS Crack (the generic brand)
Army (or Navy) VS Peace Corps (Double 'fiver'!)
Dish VS cable
Bush VS Kerry (Not brands, strictly speaking, but come on!)