Monday, July 03, 2006

Ye Olde Jihad

FrontPage :: Americas First War on Terror by Andrew G. Bostom is an eye-opening recounting of Jihad directed against 18th century America, even earlier Europeans (17th century Ireland!), and other examples of rapacious conquest by Muslms from Italy to Indonesia.

Rape, pillaging, slavery, and beheadings...ahh, they've come so far...

Go read it! Now. Really!

(H/T to Atlas Shrugs, a BlogHottie.)

No Pasaran, no bullshrimp (Thanks to Bob, Spike, and Joe)

No pasaran has the up-to-date status of the US versus those-who-signed-Kyoto and who is actually ahead on reducing emissions (hint, it ain't thems that's on the "Continent").

I wonder if anyone has measured the warming effects of the hot air emitted by EU officaldom?

(Via Pajamas Media.)

PJM News - Large Asteroid Zips Harmlessly Past Earth (9436816/AP)

Pajamas Media has an AP story about a near miss with an asteroid that passed just outside the orbit of the moon.

I imagine that the NYT headline will read something like,
Bush still fails to locate Weapon of Mass Destruction!

H/T to Instapundit.