Thursday, February 13, 2014

Durham Academy Weather Announcement

The top two administrators announcing that school is closed due to weather.

Dear FCC, It’s None Of Your God**** Business.

LOVE his closing line.

Well, before the FCC agents pile in their government SUVs and head to the New England Talk Network studios in Needham MA, let me save you a trip:
Go screw.
No, I will not be answering any questions about how I pick the news stories we talk about. No, I will not be cooperating with any investigation into our editorial processes or decisions. I ignored the Islamic Society of Boston when they tried to force me to stop talking about Islam and terrorism with a subpoena of my show notes and phone records, and I will happily do the same to you.
Yes, I’m just one guy. I’m not NBC or CBS.  But any news room that WOULD participate in this government interference shouldn’t be called a “news room.” You’re just propaganda hacks for the Obama regime.
I happen to know some folks in the media in Columbia, SC–and I can’t imagine that the news staff of WIS-TV, for example, would willingly be a part of this.
Then again, it may not be “willingly.” Remember that “FCC controls your license” part?
Where is the liberal media when you need them? On their knees, playing Monica to the Obama administration.

This is Obama's FCC trying to become the Thought Police for the media. Let's not make it easy for them to do so, shall we?