Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Surprising Origins of Life’s Complexity

"Unlike standard evolutionary theory, McShea and Brandon see complexity increasing even in the absence of natural selection. This statement is, they maintain, a fundamental law of biology—perhaps its only one. They have dubbed it the zero-force evolutionary law."

A fascinating concept especially when considered with this recent theory by physicist Jeremy England of MIT.

‘I will not comply’: Doctor slams Obamacare, sends must-read breakup letter to Aetna

Kudos to Dr. Held for standing up for her convictions and making a difficult choice to operate outside of the government-health insurance complex.

NFL Bans Daniel Defense Super Bowl Ad Response

Are you ready for some American footy?

Beams of sound immerse you in music others can't hear - tech - 29 January 2014 - New Scientist

Can't wait to see this make its way into home and office design. I've been following this type of technology for a few years now and there are some amazing capabilities here.

Man with tiny brain shocks doctors - health - 20 July 2007 - New Scientist

What this case shows--besides the amazing image--is that you can be mostly brainless but still be a civil servant.

"Feuillet and his colleagues describe the case of this patient in The Lancet. He is a married father of two children, and works as a civil servant."

Foot Locker's Week Of Greatness 2013: All Is Right

Rand Simberg's new book on the cost of space

Dana Loesch takes on ABC's "Young Guns" | Dana