Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dear Piece Of Trash

"Dear Piece Of Trash"--by Councilman Polensek is a letter from a Cleveland Councilman to a convicted 18-year old drug dealer with delusions of grandeur.

Although The Smoking Gun holds this up as an excessive bit of character assassination by an elected official, I say two thumbs up to the councilman and may he be the next Attorney General of the United States.

The punk got what he deserved. He's a repeat offender that just turned 18 and had assaulted a police officer in the past. Dumb ass indeed.

The councilman's most "profanity-laced" direct comment was, "...your dumb stupid ass," the rest of the invective was the councilman quoting the dumb stupid ass drug dealer!! His more staid pajoratives were, "idiot" and "loser". Oh, and my personal fav, "you crack dealing piece of trash."


The Smoking Gun needs a new editor and the dumb ass' mother needs a sense of shame...

Kudos to you Mr. Councilman and I'm jealous of Cleveland for having him!

Thanks to Brother Martin for the heads up...