Thursday, January 04, 2007

It depends on what 100 means...

The Influence Peddler is covering the first, uh, second, no, dammit, the third version of what the 'first 100 hours' of the 110th Congress really means. (Originally posted on January 4th.)

100 hours is four days plus four hours, if we consider a day to be 24-hours long.

100 hours is 12 days and 4-hours, if we consider a day to be 8-hours long.
So, that is two (work) weeks plus two and a half (work) days if the new Congress works a full 8-hours per day. (The new Congress is apparently going to adopt a 5-day workweek as opposed to the 3-day average of the prior Congress.)

100 hours is 25 days, if we consider a day to be 4-hours long.
That's five work weeks of five days each, or it's eight work weeks of three days each, plus one day.

Let's see where we are when the Dems officially pronounce the first 100 hours over. That should give us some insight as to what kind of hours they are actually working.

Update: Well, it's now January 19th and the Dems are declaring their success after using only 42 hours of their 100 legislative hours. Sooooooooo, that's 10 working days (9 if you count the BCS day off) for the 42 hours, which averages out to a blistering 4 hours and a bit per workday.

Whew! They better pace themselves before they burn out.