Wednesday, January 10, 2007

See. Dick. Run.

So, Dick Durban (D-Ill) has responded to the President's speech tonight. The Dems position seems to be a rehash of Vietnam.

Cut and run, run away, abandon our allies, leave the good natives at the mercy of an oppressive regime, cast the war in an unwinnable light using words and phrases like, "Escalation, Civil War, Time for Iraqis to stand up for themselves, quagmire, situation has severely deteriorated."

Guess that's in line with our original American Revolution. A ragtag bunch of Minutemen taking down the greatest military power in the world without any help. Oh, wait. The French pretty much saved our asses with their navy and we had a German (Hessian?) drill instructor to train our troops to fight and, ultimately, defeat the British.

OK, Dick, what's your party's plan for Iraq for the next four years, hmmm?

Let's relocate the UN HQ to Baghdad...that ought to get us a little multilateral support.