Friday, July 04, 2008

Doin' it doggy...

In keeping with the canine theme, the FOX Mothership relates the case of the victimized porno pooches.

Apparently, these Tulsa, OK mutts were to be offed for getting off with a human after the sheriff's department said the dogs looked agressive. Mebbe they were just horny?

Anyway, the undersheriff (now that just sounds dirty) isn't gonna kill 'em, "Because of their status as being victims in this whole thing..."

Yeah, victims like boys who have sex with their teachers.

The best part? The undersheriff,
"His intent is to maintain them until they can be rehabilitated and then to get them adopted by people or organizations who are aware of their background and get a good home for all of them."

Oh, crap..I'm busting a gut laughing at that one. Yep, ol' Fluffy's a good dog, just be careful you don't drop nothing in front of him.