Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Off the Grid

This Scientific American article is about a NJ civil engineer who powers his house, his car, his lawnmower, etc using a combination of solar-powered electricity and hydrogen.

He built it all himself and generates his own hydrogen onsite.

The catch? It cost him $500,000--$100k of his own money and $400k of NJ taxpayers' money, erm, grants.

He's perfecting the tech and has the cost down to $150k per house--check out his company website.

This is what I want!

This is what I believe is necessary to TerrorProof(tm) our power grid. Get every residential building off the grid and preserve the high power lines for heavy industry--like aluminum smelters--that require a lot of power.

It's the ultimate in a distributed target set. If every home/apartment building/condo is a mini-power plant, you can't take out our power.

Also see Honda's efforts in the same area. Note, however, that it is not yet commercially available.