Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Two things.

First, Kevin Costner is a stand up guy. Tonight on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Craig related that he ran into Mr. Costner at an event recently after having made jokes at Mr. Costner's expense.

The result? Craig related that he could see in Kevin's eyes that Costner made a conscious decision to be the bigger man and act politely towards Craig, even though he was not happy with the jokes. This affected Craig. He realized that there is a personal price paid by those who wind up in his, and other talk show host/commedians' sights. He (Craig) stated that he had gotten off the mark lately and said that he should be concentrating on the powerful and political figures, not celebrities who suffer misfortune. Good enuff, right? Right.

Second, Craig related how he recently had his 15th anniversary as a sober man. He related, seriously--not as a comedic routine--how he came to rehab his life and what he goes through constantly regarding his alcoholism. He also suggested that Britney Spears, a "baby" as he put it, has some problems. He didn't do a schtick, didn't make light of it, didn't hold himself up as a saint in comparison. He spent his entire monologue remonstrating those who would kick folks like Britney when they're down and relating how hard it is for someone who is truly lost.

It was a wonderful, honest, and courageous thing to do and as much as my wife and I already thought of him as the best host on late night television, he leapt even higher in our opinions of him.

If you haven't seen his show (it's on after Letterman on CBS), check it out. He's hilarious, he's refreshing, and he's genuine.

Armagh go bragh!