Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mnute is Da MAN!

OK. On REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel (can't believe it) I'm watching a story about Mnute Bol and his unwavering support to his people in the southern Sudan.

He spent his millions trying to help his Christian tribesmates (the Dinka) to resist the dicatorial Islamic Fundamentalist regime. From at least 1983 (!) he was heavily involved in supporting the Dinka.

His money is mostly gone now, but his spirit isn't.

He and his cousin visited 58 Congressmen and Senators to warn them about al Qaeda and Usama bin Laden (who was located in the Sudan at the time) and they went to warn the Pentagon too. They repeatedly begged for help for the Dinka from the USA. Outside of Billary's abortive bombing action (Clinton: 1 pharmaceutical plant; al Qaeda: WTC '93, USS Cole, AMEMB (2), etc.), we haven't done anything to stop the torture and genocide.

Bol wound up in a car accident--not his fault, his taxi driver was drunk--and wound up in a coma with three fractured vertebrae and no health insurance.

I'm thinking maybe RICE/BOL in 2008!