Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shoot me now, please.

Barbara Boxer is ramblin' on on Fox...seems we're just falling apart.
Iraq, the deficit, the hurricanes, we're doomed.

I have to believe it's spin...she cannot actually believe that the majority of the Republican party really wants a more moderate Associate Justice on SCOTUS, can she? If Sen. Boxer's take is representative of her party's core values, then Glenn Reynolds is's not so much that the Republicans are strong, it's that they suck less. A lot less in this case.

I liked Miers' apparent support for the Second Amendment. It happens to be my touchstone for elections, appointments, and life in general. It's the main reason that I'll be voting for Condi Rice in '08 instead of Giuliani. I love Rudy, but I just can't support anyone who supports gun control. I really can't think of any likely candidates that I can get behind...unfortunately I'll probably have to write her in.