Friday, March 04, 2005

Bunker buster anyone? Diplomats: Iran Building Tunnels for Arms reports that the IAEA is critical of Iran for building a tunnel in Isfahan--home of Iran's uranium enrichment program--to "increase capacity, safety and security of nuclear material."

Asked for details on the tunnel, a diplomat familiar with Iran's dossier told The Associated Press that parts of it apparently would run as deep as half a mile below ground and would be constructed of hardened concrete and other reenforced materials.

Other diplomats said on condition of anonymity that such moves were clearly motivated by Iranian concerns of air attacks by the United States or Israel, which both accuse the Iranians of trying to secretly build nuclear weapons.

Well, the Clinton Doctrine of high-altitude bombing without the commitment of ground troops would definitely be stymied by this development.

Hopefully, President Bush will continue to push for development of 'new' tactical nucular weapons that can interdict such facilities.

Such weapons should also prove effective against the plethora of underground facilities that North Korea uses as well.