Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The 51st State--It ain't Puerto Rico

So, here in Washington State a lot of folks are feeling disenfranchised. These are, by and large, those that voted for Dino Rossi (Perhaps the first Governor whose putsch preceded his inauguration.--Ed.) and who are from Eastern Washington.

Eastern Washington is that part of the state east of the Cascade Mountain range.

The following--as the link above--is from King 5, a local NBC television affiliate.

"If Washington Sen. Bob Morton has his way, he’ll soon be a resident and lawmaker in the 51st state of the United States.

To Morton, the Cascade Mountains are more than just the dividing line between wet and dry Washington. They are the indisputable wall between political ideologies that only became more apparent during the recent contested governor’s race.

The Republican from Orient is the prime sponsor on a joint memorial in the Senate that asks President Bush to create a new state east of the Cascades that would comprise 20 of the current state’s 39 counties."

I forget where I first read about an alternative proposal--sometime ago via Instapundit probably--that the Blue areas of the Nation become reservations of Libbies.

Similar to Indian Reservations they could have their own business and cultural interests and may even make items actually worth something in trade. Perhaps "peace" bongs and pamphlets on the various spoor and signs of Liberals in the wild.

That's probably more realistic. Let them have Seattle, L.A., New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C...the rest of us (U.S.?) can visit, buy vegetarian products, and bring hemp T-shirts home to our relatives.